Deep Learning in Astronomy

Setting up a simple neural network to classify the morphology of a galaxy.

Quantum Key Distribution- BB84 & E91 Protocol

Demonstrating two QKD protocols- BB84 and E91 on the IBMQ quantum computer.

Spectral and timing study of LMXB system 4U 1702-429 using Astrosats X-Ray data

Studying the X-Ray emission from the Low Mass X-Ray Binary (LMXB) system 4U-1702-429 using LAXPC.

Introduction to Polarimetry

A literature survey and a presentation on the basics of polarimetry, covering the topics of Jones and Stokes formalism and material interactions with a hands-on laboratory component.

CPT synthesis of layered BiOI nanodiscs and its photocatalytic applications

Synthesizing Bismuth Oxyiodide (BiOI) nanodiscs and exploring its photocatalytic applications.

Photometric Calibration of UVIT

Bachelors project on the theme of Photometric Calibration of UVIT, an UV Imaging Telescope onboard AstroSat.